Would you take me by the hand and take me to some place else ? Would you hold me tight against you like you used to ?

The wind is blowing outside, as if it were strong enough to take away everything that is weak, ignoring how strong we are, thinking that we can’t resist.

Could we stay where we are, standing still and forgetting how time goes by ?

I no longer want to fight, I have found peace. We no longer need to fight, we know what it is all about.

It may come an end one day, but love would carry on running through our veins. What do you say to two people who are ready to sacrifice their own happiness for the sake of the one they love ? They must love each other a lot.

You are and will always be the love my life, the companion of my soul and the guardian of my heart. As we were told one day, we have found our other halfs, but we can be complete without one another, fed by the tender and kind love we were once given to share and cherish.

Oh Love, would you take my hand in yours, keep it warm as my heart embraces yours ? For as long as you want me next to you, I will be smiling at you.

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