– Texte rédigé en anglais –
Les mots n’ont pas le même sens en anglais, et cette langue est un peu celle du coeur… Je suis française et c’est pourtant devenu une langue familière, celle dans laquelle je m’exprime quotidiennement et j’arrive à traduire sentiments et émotions.




I am a young woman with a sensitive heart. I live with two cats and if I could, I would be running a farm where wounded animals would be taken care of. Where fruits and vegetables would grow naturally. Where you could wake up at dawn and fall asleep gazing at the sky after dusk. Where I could write books and drink tea while listening to the song of the wind in the trees. Where birds would sing loudly and beautifully. Where time would stop.

In French, family and friends call me Fleur bleue.

Life can turn my blue eyes black when it becomes all dark around. I am only searching for the light, I would not want to cause you any harm at all. There is no need to be afraid.

Time goes by and every day people die. I used to be scared of death. And then I met God. He had always been there, waiting for me to be ready to receive Him in my heart. I have learnt it takes courage, determination, patience and faith to fulfill your dreams.

I have known hard times, where only fear and anger run your life. Hard times during which I thought I had lost my soul. God had it in His hands, and waited for the Right Time to open my eyes and restore it. Life is about waiting for the Right Time to come. And when it comes, you have loving people around you, you realise how precious you are and you can begin life anew. God has filled my heart with Love.

I am awakened to the Beauty of the World. I try to love and behave with kindness and gentleness, towards family, friends and people I may only see once in my life. Sometimes, I am in a very bad mood, I can only complain and use some filthy language I am not proud of. I am not perfect but will try my best to be a new person. A Beloved Friend calls me Precious Jewel or Bijou. I have decided to fully embrace my Faith and Trust in the Lord.

I am a pilgrim, walking along the path God has set for me.